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Dark Matter Snakes is empty but live. Will work on filling it up tomorrow or some day.

All snake things will go there. As well as reptiles, but mostly snakes!


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Waiting for Dead Space Awakened To Download for me and Vaelyis, so I’m using the time to do some art :D

Continueing the stream! No games for the rest of the night :>


Waiting for Dead Space Awakened To Download for me and Vaelyis, so I’m using the time to do some art :D

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So I got bored and did a little thing on Photoshop! Because my best friend and I started playing Dead Space 3 on co-op together I’ve been getting the feels and then with me and PS, it doesn’t end well so I made icons of Carver and Isaac with their RIGS and the RIG color c:



Isaac is the first one and Carver is the second. Even though Carver’s main color is in fact red, his RIG color is a darker shade of blue as opposed to Isaac’s, which is a nice turquoise-blue with a hint of green within it. I may change the color of Carver’s to red because of reasons <3 I also flipped them horizontally on opposite sides to make it less confusing c: Alli, if you want to save them go ahead because I have no idea what the hell I am doing or why, it’s just a thing, ya know!? Because Dead Space is awesome and gives us a reason to play because thank you Visceral for adding co-op play! :D

gOSH I love seeing snakes with Navy Peeps.

It makes me so happy for some reason

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And this concludes your Zuul spam of the day. Thank you for tuning in.

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Some comics about thoughts about hands to get me back into the comics groove~

This really just resonates with me. Kind of made my breath catch a little.

So beautiful.

"I've heard weight trainers at my college say, that to gain more muscle, do more reps at a comfortable weight instead of using the heavy weights you might normally use. Hope this helps! :]"

Asked by Anonymous

I do this :} I do a lot of body-weight stuff too, push ups are great and a neat trick for helping build up the muscle in case you can’t do push ups, is to buy a scale (one of those weight pressure ones), and get somewhere you can do a proper push up position in the up position, and weigh your weigh that way, because that’s the weight you are lifting. Try to build your muscle up by working slowly to building your ability to lift that weight in dumbells confusing on the muscles used for push ups and it should help you with lifting your body off the ground!

It’s the same concept as doing wall-push ups and the likes, but with weights.

Fun fact:

If I say I don’t like my body, it’s not because my weight. It’s because of how it looks.

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Still struggling with a blog name for the snake blog.

Already ruled out one name because refuse to have issues with people about it.